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Air Oil Separator (AOS) - Honda Civic Type R

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The Verus Engineering Air Oil Separator (AOS) ensures the intake system remains oil-free on your Honda Civic Type R. Oil in the intake system reduces octane, which can lead to detonation, reduction in power, and carbon build-up.

Four, 5 micron, coalescent filters, one on each inlet and outlet, baffling, and stainless mesh offer unprecedented air filtration for the crankcase air. We found a significant amount of oil in the AOS after a track day and some street driving, signifying the AOS is doing its job.

The AOS is produced in house in the USA on our 5-axis CNC mills, anodized locally, and laser engraved in house as well. 

With an optional products like our AOS coolant add-on kit, our AOS will fit your specific needs without an issue.

Anodized parts can potentially fade over time due to engine bay heat.


  • Assembled AOS
    • 4 Coalescent Filters
    • Internal Baffling
    • Stainless Mesh
  • Sheet Steel Bracket for Honda CTR, LHD Only
  • 1/2" Rubber Hose
  • 3/8" Rubber Hose
  • Hardware Bag, Including All Necessary Parts for a Seamless Install

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