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AMS Performance Intake Manifold BMW M340i G20 | G21 Chassis B58 3.0L Turbo Engine 2019+



As horsepower numbers rise, so do temperatures through the BMW B58’s intercooling system. In order to cool down that hot intake charge air coming from the turbocharger, you need a highly efficient heat exchange process which is where the AMS Performance BMW B58 Intake Manifold comes in. With our unique parallel twin core design, we are able to route coolant flow in the most efficient way possible giving us unparalleled cooling efficiency over the competition. The AMS Performance BMW B58 Intake Manifold also provides for an auxiliary port fuel injection solution by way of its flush mounted -8AN fuel rail, giving the atomized fuel a nearly unimpeded path to the combustion chamber. Our superior engineering yields superior results.


  • 1250+ HP rated parallel air-to-water intercooler cores for superior cooling
  • Auxiliary port fuel rail with -8an side ports for expanded fueling options
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) verified design for even airflow distribution
  • Properly angled port injection for improved fuel atomization
  • 135% Larger core area compared To OEM
  • Three (3) Extra -4an Orb ports located on plenum for vacuum source points
  • Includes all ancillary components, including all hardware, lines, and fittings
  • BMW M340i w/ B58 3.0L Turbo Engine (Incl. G20 and G21 chassis) 2019+


  • Model
    M3, 340i
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