Boost Logic  |  SKU: #BL 03080908

Boost Logic Stainless Race Downpipe Toyota MKV Supra


We strive to create the highest quality products for increasing the performance and enjoyment of your vehicle. The reliability, craftsmanship, and build quality of our products are unparalleled in the tuning industry. There is one mistake many of our followers, fans, or fellow enthusiasts in general often make- at Boost Logic we're not simply about being the fastest with the latest and greatest cars, breaking records, drag racing monstrous cars, and building street kings. Working at Boost Logic is not a job for our crew. It's our passion and our dream. We are a group of diehard enthusiasts who have an ever-burning desire for speed and perfection. We vow to please our customers, ensuring your vehicle performs beyond your expectations. Our goal is to build the perfect car for your needs. Employing the best trained professionals with unmatched levels of experience, we extensively research, develop, and construct all the parts you need. Whether installed at our facility or at any of our dealers across the world, our brand branded parts ensure you are happy every moment of your experience..


  • Recommend retuning the ECU in order to prevent potential check engine light warning signals.


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