Verus Engineering  |  SKU: A0093A

Composite Side Splitter - WRX/STI (VA)


The Verus Engineering Composite Side Splitters are designed to be an aesthetically pleasing add on to your VA that adds function to the chassis as well. Our side-splitter features a horizontal unit that reduces the amount of high-pressure air making its way to the bottom side of the car.  This high-pressure air typically produces lift and by reducing this, we are able to reduce lift or create downforce from the addition of the side splitters.  The units are constructed from a carbon thermoplastic, which is hard, durable, and exotic in appearance.

Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software during the R&D process, we were able to test the performance of the side splitters and improve their function.

During the design process; we utilized in-house scan data. This results in a product that features a near OEM fit and finish.

These side splitters were designed for owners looking to complete their aero package and improve the performance of the car.