Go Fast Bits  |  SKU: GFB-T9654

Go Fast Bits Ford Focus ST Fully Adjustable DVX Dual Venting Blow-Off Valve

$233.10 $259.00

  • The DVX is not just a noise maker (like BOV spacers) – by modifying the valve operation method it offers the same PERFORMANCE BENEFITS that the DV+ does.
  • It retains ECU CONTROL for the fastest possible operation.
  • No other blow off valve has the advantage of GFB’s Venting Bias Adjustment, allowing you to alter the blow off sound simply by moving the adjustment lever.
  • Built to last.

GFB’s DV+ design solves the longevity and boost leaking issues that are common with factory diverter valves, and also changes the operation method to “pilot actuation” (read about this below) to ensure better performance on stock or modified engines.

Furthermore, these benefits won’t cost you the Earth! Rather than throwing the entire factory diverter valve system in the trash (like other manufacturer’s “solutions”), the DV+ keeps what works, and replaces what doesn’t.


The T9654 is a duel venting direct factory replacement for the pneumatic diaphragm type BPV (Bypass Valve) used on Ford, Volvo, Porsche, & Borg Warner Turbos


There are many “BOV spacers” on the market that make noise. However, they do this simply by using the factory diverter valve and redirecting the air to atmosphere. Therefore, the performance deficiencies of the factory diverter valve design remain, and furthermore, the flow
capacity of the factory diverter is significantly reduced because of the small venting holes used in these BOV spacers.


Other BOV kits eliminate the ECU control entirely, using pure manifold vacuum control instead. Whilst there’s nothing particularly wrong with this (that’s how the majority of BOVs work), the ECU control is MUCH FASTER, able to detect and respond to much SMALLER THROTTLE TRANSITIONS and, since it’s available, why wouldn’t you use it?


GFB’s patented Venting Bias Adjustment System is the only one of its kind in the world. By using an internal rotating sleeve, the opening of both the recirc port and the atmosphere port can be infinitely adjusted. This means that you’re not stuck with a fixed 50/50 or 100% atmosphere venting ratio; you can change it to whatever you want! As an additional benefit, because the atmosphere outlet is a single large port rather than a series of small holes, the venting sound is much DEEPER AND LOUDER than it is with a BOV spacer.


The DVX offers a TRUE PERFORMANCE improvement, INCREASED BOOST-HOLDING ability, and a blow-off sound that is COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE from factory-silent to ear shattering!


  • LAND ROVER Evoque 2.0T 2011-2015 (Petrol Only)
  • VOLVO S40 T5 2.5L Turbo 2004-2012
  • VOLVO V50 T5 2.5L Turbo 2004-2010
  • VOLVO C30 T5 2.5L Turbo 2006-2012
  • VOLVO S40 T5 2.5L Turbo 2004-2012
  • VOLVO C70 T5 2.5L Turbo 2006-2012
  • FORD AUSTRALIA Focus XR5/RS 2.5L Turbo 2006-2012
  • VOLVO S60 & V60 T5 2.0T 2010-2013
  • VOLVO XC60 T5 2.0T 2012-2017
  • LAND ROVER Freelander II 2.0T 2013-2015
  • FORD AUSTRALIA Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost (Mk3 2012-18)
  • FORD AUSTRALIA Falcon FG Ecoboost 2.0L 2012-2014
  • FORD AUSTRALIA Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost 2010-On
  • FORD AUSTRALIA Falcon FGX Ecoboost 2.0L 2014-On
  • FORD Focus ST/RS 2.5L Turbo 2006-2012
  • FORD Focus ST 2.0L Ecoboost 2012-On