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Motor Mount Assembly, FA24 - Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ/Subaru WRX (VB)

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The Verus Engineering FA24 Motor Mount Assembly for the GR86, BRZ, and VB WRX greatly increases the rigidity of the drivetrain for a more motorsports-like driving experience. The factory mounts are extremely compliant and result in a vague feeling when driving the car. This was extremely noticeable in the shifter on our shop VB WRX. This movement also means that during hard decel and accel events, the motor is rocking back and forth instead of transmitting power to the ground. These units are great for track day or drag race owners that are looking for a more solidly mounted engine for better power delivery.

The motor mounts are CNC machined, in house, at Verus Engineering out of 6061-T6 aluminum. They feature three different durometer bushings so you can choose your level of stiffness. The units bolt on like an OEM part with no other modifications to the engine or vehicle.

We recommend 70A durometer units for most applications.

Anodized parts can potentially fade over time due to engine bay heat.

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