Radium Engineering  |  SKU: #20-0761-05

Radium Engineering Fuel Hanger Microglass Plumbing Kit Toyota Supra MK5 2020+


These plumbing kits include everything required to plumb the fuel system between the Radium fuel pump hanger (shown below) to a port injection fuel rail.

A -8AN 90 degree PuskLok hose end (shown below left) is included for connecting to an -8AN male port injection fuel rail fitting (not included).

A -6AN 90 degree PuskLok hose end (below) is included for connecting to an -6AN male aftermarket FPR fitting (not included). A -6AN (3/8") fuel hose runs to the fuel pump hanger return port.

The feed and/or return hose can be easily modified for installation of an in-line flex fuel sensor. Furthermore, the hoses run though billet aluminum fuel line retainers.

A special retainer is provided to prevent the lines from contacting the driveshaft and exhaust when crossing over the tunnel.

An -8AN (1/2") feed hose runs from the fuel pump hanger through the provided fuel filter using a specifically designed MK5 Supra bolt-on billet mount.

Depending on the kit selected (-03,-05), the fuel filter will be assembled with a choice of different elements. Go HERE for more filter element information.


  • Fuel Filter (-03 Stainless or -05 Microglass)
  • 8AN Fuel Filter Adapter Fittings
  • Billet Aluminum MK5 Supra Filter Mount
  • 8AN and 6AN PushLok Hose Ends
  • 8AN Fuel Feed Hose
  • 6AN Fuel Return Hose
  • Fuel Line Retainers
  • Stainless Steel Hardware


  • Toyota Supra MK5 2020+
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