Verus Engineering  |  SKU: A0393A

Splitter Air Dam - Subaru WRX/STI (VA)


The Verus Engineering VA WRX/STI Air Dam is a simple to bolt-on addition that improves front splitter performance and makes any front splitter a more complete system.  Ensuring high-pressure air cannot make its way between the front splitter and the bumper, increases the pressure differential on the splitter, improving performance.  By improving the airflow around the front bumper, other items, like our dive planes, also see an improvement in performance.

The air dam is a great addition for VA WRX/STI owners looking to improve the performance of their front splitter and would like a more complete front splitter system.  The kit is great for those who track their car or enjoy spirited driving.

Note: Can possibly be modified to work with 2015-2017 bumpers. It would require slight trimming of the Air Dam and removing rearmost mounting tab. Direct fit for facelift (2018+) bumpers.

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