Rexpeed  |  SKU: TS51

Supra GR 2020+ GR Carbon Fiber C-Pillar Decal

$150.00 $180.00

  • Comes with 3M adhesive on back side
  • Comes with 3M promoter
  • Easy to install, no cutting is needed
  • 100% Brand New 
  • High Quality Beautiful Carbon Weaves
  • Kit includes 4 pcs (both left and right)

The decal doesn't have the specific area to attach. The distance between the 2 pieces is about 1 cm. We attached it parallel to the 6th line of the defogger, photos below for your reference.


IMG_9438_2_4b56a9fe-5b4b-4d37-ab14-e16149e0f5c7 - Revline Performance