Toyota Supra Honeycomb "Hex" Carbon Fiber Badges MK5/GR86



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Get your hands on a set of Handmade HONEY COMB CARBON FIBER BADGES!

Made with Hex/Honeycomb weave carbon fiber with a matte black emblem. Set yourself apart from everyone else with HONEY COMB CARBON FIBER! These badges have a deep black look to them that reflects the carbon in the light very beautifully. 

These are meant to be a complete replacement for your OEM Toyota Supra Badges. Comes with one front badge (Large) and one rear badge (small). Four strips of extreme 3m double-sided tape are included in the box.

Can also fit on the Toyota 86 platform!

IMG_9438_2_4b56a9fe-5b4b-4d37-ab14-e16149e0f5c7 - Revline Performance