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AOS Coolant Add On Kit - FK8 Honda Civic Type R



Add a heater to the AOS to keep the unit from creating condensation build-up. This nasty brown slurry typically gets associated with catch cans. By increasing the temperature of the aluminum unit, the hot air no longer causes condensation build-up.  The kit comes with everything needed for an install on your Honda Civic Type R.


Increase Temperature of AOS

Reduce Condensation Build Up Within AOS


All Necessary Hardware Included

Banjo Bolts

Banjo Washers

Banjo Fittings


Hose clamps


As hot air/oil/water enters a cold aluminum unit, condensation forms on the walls. This causes the nasty slurry/foaming sludge some catch cans experience. With our simple to add coolant kit, you can run engine coolant through the backside of the can, heating it up to the engine’s temperature, greatly reducing this phenomenon. This is a larger issue in cold climates, not so much an issue in hotter climates.  

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