Verus Engineering  |  SKU: A0482A-BLK

Air Oil Separator (AOS) - Subaru WRX (VB)

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The Verus Engineering Air Oil Separator (AOS) ensures the intake system remains oil-free. Oil in the intake system reduces octane, which can lead to detonation, reduction in power, and carbon build-up. This is great for the FA24 engine found in the Subaru WRX.

Four, 5 micron, coalescent filters, one on each inlet and outlet, baffling, and stainless mesh offer unprecedented air filtration for the crankcase air. Further improving filtration is internal baffling within the AOS itself.

With optional add-ons like our AOS drain back kit and AOS coolant add-on kit, our AOS will fit your specific needs without an issue.

Anodized parts can potentially fade over time due to engine bay heat.

Note: Does not work with the CVT/SPT Transmission. Manual Fitment Only.

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