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CZF Diffuser Set - Front Splitter Tunnel Set

$679.95 $747.95

The Verus Engineering Front Splitter Diffuser Tunnels were developed for one purpose, making large amounts of efficient front end downforce. The units are produced from 2x2, pre-preg, carbon fiber and are finished with a matte clear coat. The diffusers feature a large flange for easy bolting to a splitter of your choice. The tunnels also feature a curved trailing edge to allow for better tire to diffuser clearance. 

Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software during the R&D process, we were able to ensure that the diffusers are functioning extremely well and improving front end downforce. This was achieved through multiple CFD analysis and iterations.


  • Left Carbon Front Diffuser

  • Right Carbon Front Diffuser
  • Hardware Kit, Including All Hardware Necessary for install