Verus Engineering  |  SKU: A0498A-LHS

Exhaust Cutout Cover - 22+ Toyota GR86/Subaru BRZ

$89.95 $98.95


A perfect addition to your GR86 or BRZ if you are running a single exit exhaust and would like to cover the opening that no longer serves a purpose. The units are produced by 3D printing from a Nylon, Carbon Fiber mix for unparalleled strength, weight, and appearance. The cover easily installs with push clips on the bumper and requires *no holes to be drilled* in your vehicle!

During the design process we used in house scan data to contour the external surface of the exhaust cover to match exactly that of the OE bumper. This means the fitment of the unit is unmatched and near OE.

IMG_9438_2_4b56a9fe-5b4b-4d37-ab14-e16149e0f5c7 - Revline Performance