Verus Engineering  |  SKU: A0505A

Front Splitter Endplate Kit, Standard Splitter - Toyota Supra


The Verus Engineering Front Splitter Endplates are designed to increase front end downforce on the standard front splitter. By increasing the high pressure zone on the top of the splitter and improving evacuation in the wheel well, we are able to improve front end downforce generation. The vents are placed in a strategic location to improve efficiency.

Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software during the R&D process, we were able to extract more performance for the given build volume and ensure the units improved vehicle performance.

The endplates are printed in carbon nylon, which offers a great surface finish and excellent strength to weight.

These endplates are perfect for the owner that is looking for a more aggressive front end appearance and improved front end downforce.

*Note: These are for the standard front splitter we produce, if you want these for the High-Downforce Front Splitter, order these!

Installation Video

IMG_9438_2_4b56a9fe-5b4b-4d37-ab14-e16149e0f5c7 - Revline Performance