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GR86 / BRZ 2022+ Polarized Mirrors w/ heated option

$135.00 $170.00

Lens Color

Check out these new released polarized mirrors for your GR86 or 22+ BRZ. The polarized mirrors are full replacements to remove factory mirror just pry it with your fingers they pop right off.

Blue and Yellow Lens available

Fits GR86 / BRZ 2022+

SOL-GEL NANO coating, not usual vacuum coating

- Filters Glare
- Anti Fog
- Convex shape for better visibility
- Reduces squinting from HID lights at night
- Suitable for day and night time use
- Impossible for the coating to come off
- Strong anti-corrosion
- Low reflection and glaring during day or night.
- Clear images

*SO-GEL NANO technology which allows small particles chemically bonded is currently being internationally recognized as the most promising and valuable in new materials development and product development. The chemically bonded particles have the ability to suspend in the liquid to provide the characteristic of being transparent to the eyes, called SO-GEL NANO.