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EOS 2014-2019 BMW F80 M3 F82 M4 Resonated Mid Pipe Exhaust



Our center-pipe kit is designed specifically for the BMW M3 (F80) / M4 (F82, F83) models. This mid-pipe system is optimized to enhance performance by minimizing back pressure, which is a common issue with the restrictive OEM system. With less restriction and greater flow, our mid-pipe system enables quicker turbo spooling and enhanced efficiency.

A mid-pipe is a component of an automotive exhaust system that connects the exhaust headers or exhaust manifolds to the catalytic converter or resonator. It is typically located in the middle of the exhaust system, hence the name "mid-pipe." The mid-pipe can have a significant impact on the performance and sound of a vehicle, and it is often replaced or modified by car enthusiasts to improve engine performance and enhance exhaust sound.

Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended!

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