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EOS 2020+ Toyota Supra A90 Artisan Spirit Front Splitter Lip


The Artisan Spirit Front Splitter for the 2020-Up Toyota Supra A90 is a high-quality aerodynamic enhancement designed to improve the performance and appearance of the vehicle. This particular splitter is designed specifically for vehicles equipped with the Artisan Spirit Package and is constructed from carbon fiber, which is known for its lightweight, strong, and durable properties.

The splitter is designed to attach to the front bumper of the Toyota Supra A90 and works by creating a downward force that helps to increase the vehicle's stability and grip at higher speeds. Additionally, the Artisan Spirit Front Splitter adds an aggressive and sporty look to the front end of the vehicle.

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    GR Supra MKV A90/A91, Supra, GR Supra