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EOS 2021+ BMW G80 M3 | G82 G83 M4 Engine Catless Down Pipe



VEHICLE TYPE: 2021-Present BMW M3/ M3 xDrive/ M3 Comp (G80/G81) | M4/ M4 xDrive/ M4 Comp (G82/G83)

SURFACE FINISH: Brushed Silver

MATERIAL: T-304 Stainless Steel

TYPE: Catless Downpipe

DIAMETER: 3 Inches


Extreme Online Store G8x M3/ M4 Downpipes Remove the Exhaust Flow Restrictions Caused by your Stock Cats. EOS G8x M3/ M4 Downpipes will Allow your Turbo to Spool Faster and Keep the Maximum Boost Longer. On Top of the Performance Gains, the Extreme Online Store Downpipes will Upgrade the Exhaust Tone of your BMW without Having to Pay Thousands of Dollars for an Exhaust System. Using the EOS downpipes with the Stage 2 Tune and Expect an Extra 50 whp and 60 wtq Gains.

A downpipe, also known as a downspout or a drainpipe, is a vertical pipe that runs from the roof gutter down to the ground, carrying rainwater from the roof to a drainage system or a collection point. The downpipe is an essential component of a building's rainwater management system, as it helps to prevent water damage and erosion by channeling rainwater away from the building's foundation. Downpipes are typically made of metal, plastic, or PVC, and come in different sizes and shapes depending on the amount of rainwater they need to handle.

Due to California Vehicle Code Section 27156, we are NOT Able to Ship this Item to Any CA Address (Order will be Cancelled for ALL CA Addresses)

This Item is Designed for Off-Road Use ONLY - Might Cause a CEL Check Engine Light.

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