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Verus Engineering  |  SKU: A0020A

High Efficiency Rear Wing - BRZ/GT86/FRS

$1,699.95 $1,869.95

Verus Engineering started the rear wing design with a clean slate approach, utilizing our own airfoil profile created using ANSYS' adjoint solver.  As a result, we were able to create a wing that is highly efficient while generating significant downforce appropriate for the typical track day goer and street enthusiast.  By utilizing a swan neck mounting style, we were able to keep efficiency up by feeding the wing clean airflow, unlike typical bottom mount rear wings.

The low drag force produced by this wing is perfect for the ZN6/ZC6 chassis due to the limited horsepower the FA20 produces in stock form.  This means corner speeds will increase without a large hit to straight-line top speed.

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