Verus Engineering  |  SKU: A0245A

Rear Differential Cooling Plate - Mk5 Toyota Supra

$96.95 $106.65

The Verus Engineering Rear Differential Cooling Plate is a simple to bolt-on addition that helps keep rear diff temperatures in check on and off the track.  By increasing airflow through the factory fins on the aluminum diff cover, the factory housing is able to shed more heat than the factory setup.  During our track testing, we were able to see temperatures of the rear differential increase slower as well as lower peak temperatures.

The rear diff cooling plate is a great addition for owners looking to improve heat rejection for the rear differential fluid.  The kit is great for those who track their car or enjoy spirited driving.

Note: The kit may require slight modification for manual transmission Supras. The center two holes line up slightly with the fins where they do not with the automatic version. A revision will take place to resolve this issue.


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